Career Updates: Job Hunting .. Again

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these blog posts, almost a year I believe. A lot has changed in that year!

For starters, I am no longer a student at Roehampton University. Unfortunately, I haven’t graduated – I’ve had to take time off for personal reasons. Fortunately, I will be completing my BA in English Literature at a different university this September.

It’s not all bad since I’ve managed to also do a bit of travelling. I visited Paris (Disneyland!) and Scotland!

disneyland paris

What have I been doing?

Other than blogging, book reviewing, arranging guest posts, and generally being rather impersonal here at Digesting The Words, I’ve been working on getting myself experience in the publishing industry. I’ve had poor luck for the most part, and it’s been pretty demotivating.

I’ve also been considering my future career aspirations in terms of post-graduate study. I love studying – always have! I’m considering studying for a Masters but I have yet to decide the subject. A Publishing Masters seems like the evident choice, but I’m leaning towards other interests to broaden my knowledge. Of course this is all speculation at the moment and there is plenty of time left to make more definitive, permanent decisions!

On the other hand, I have gained experience in hospitality and catering – specifically working as a waitress within my father’s restaurant.

I’ve also gained a Level 1 City & Guilds qualification in Employment within the Hospitality Industry, including: Level 2 Food & Hygiene, and Level 2 Health & Safety.

I’ve also attended a course in graduate job seeking – which of course would have been more helpful had I been a graduate. But as the diligent learner I am, I took notes where I thought necessary as the course included general advice on job seeking in terms of developing a long-term career. Thus, I have a ton of tips, tricks, and hints to help me once I am ready to develop a career for myself.

What now?

I’ve been applying for jobs regularly (almost every day in fact) and have been spending a great deal of time motivating myself to stick to it. Rejection hurts, especially when I give my all in the application process! I’ve recently begun searching for voluntary work (though I haven’t given up on paid work just yet!) and have had a little more luck. Hopefully things will go well from here!

job hunting

My experience as a job seeker has inspired a couple of useful blog posts that will be coming up shortly, including: How to Remain Motivated whilst Job Hunting and Job Seeking Tips and Tricks.

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