Career Updates: I’m an Intern .. again!

I’m so excited to post some good news in relation to the working world! I’ve managed to get myself another intern position and just before University begins too! This time with a completely different company, in a completely different role to my previous intern experience at BagServant!

london academy of it

London Academy of IT is a newer company that offers a range of IT training courses at an extremely low price (especially if you’re booking during a discount period!). The courses range from Web Design for Beginners to Advanced C# Programming. I’m particularly excited to work with LAIT since I’ve always been interested in IT, coding and programming.

I began working at London Academy of IT in June, so it hasn’t been long since I started! My official title is Administrator and my duties include mainly Administrative tasks such as:

  • Answering all phone calls to the office and dealing with customer enquiries.
  • Offering customers support and resolving all problems.
  • Receiving cash payments and creating physical and online invoices for cash and web payments.
  • Maintaining and updating customer database.
  • Contacting customers to notify them of offers and promotions to ensure all courses are fully booked.

Now that I’ve been working at London Academy of IT for a few weeks and have gotten familiar with the courses, I’ve been considering doing one myself. In the past, I’ve researched IT courses and have been extremely discouraged by prices from £600 onwards for self guided courses. Considering LAIT courses are all taught by actual tutors with working experience in the sector, I’m a lot happier to spend my money with them.

I’m going to do a little more research before deciding whether to do a course and which course to do. For now, I’m quite happy as Administrator.

My goals for this internship are:

» To increase my confidence in talking to customers over the phone.
» To improve my general telephone manner.

Wish me luck during my time in the position!

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  1. I was taught by professionals in the industry.
    It may/may not be good.

    I met lecturers who are good in their work, but they don’t know how to teach.
    Basically, most of the lesson, they look at you with that “This is so simple, how can you not get it” expression.
    Whereas, I met great lecturers who does great lesson plans, and when they teach, you can feel their passion and interest as they explain the stuffs.

  2. Charlie says: Reply

    Congrats! Good luck in your new role! 🙂

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