Book of the Month: July 2013, “The Secret Life of Adrian Cat”

I didn’t manage to read as much as I’d hoped to in July, but I definitely managed to pick a favourite book! There was no hesitation in my mind when it was time to decide my book of the month (okay maybe there was a little…)

Book of the Month, July 2013

The Secret Diary of Adrian Cat
by Stuart Macfarlane & Linda Macfarlane

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I’m a cat lady through and through so I was thoroughly entertained reading a book about the adventures a cat gets up to. The book is in the form of a diary written by Adrian – your every day domesticated cat – in which he makes and attempts to keep his new year’s resolutions over the course of the year. However just like us humans, Adrian’s resolutions prove to be hard to keep within the first few days.

It’s cute, light and definitely a fun read for any fellow cat lover out there. (Plus at 77p it’s a bargain!)

At times it had me raising an eyebrow over at Caramel (to be met with indifference) because the behaviour, though not the thought process was identical. Demanding to be the centre of attention. Check. Randomly running across a room? Check. Catching mice and bringing them inside still alive as a gift? Check. That last one frustrates my family the most… But it’s uh the thought that counts?

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