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Updates: New Layout and New Blog Author in Town

So yesterday was a big day at Digesting the Words… New layout!! But before I get to that: I’m happy to introduce my younger sister Uzma who will be joining me in reviewing books. Uzma is currently taking care of book review requests (mostly) whilst I get my

Girl Running Kindle cover

Book Review: Portrait of a Girl Running by J. B. Chicoine

Leila Sanders was depicted absolutely perfectly. She wasn’t ever whiny or bratty like you’d expect of a young girl, she had a sense of maturity from living alone and enduring so much in her life, from knowing so much about blues music. Yet she still had very innocent and childlike elements to her personality which is to be expected from someone in high school, but would only be seen when she felt safe and actually had a parental figure looking over her.

Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

Book Review: Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

Mansfield Park was part of my University reading so unfortunately it wasn’t a book I chose to read for pleasure. I read the majority of it in 2013 but I only managed to finish it recently. I could have made time for Mansfield Park, but really it just isn’t that interesting.


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